Tokenized Real Estate Investment Fund

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 A Tokenized Real Estate Investment Fund built on the Stellar consensus protocol.


Backed by Real Estate Assets

Back by Real Estate the only true and traditional store house of value.

Legal Compliance

Accredited Investors under Reg. D 506(c)and Reg. S 144R


Built-in decentralized exchange (DEX) provides liquidity and avoids having to wait to get listed on an exchange. 

Stellar consensus (XLM) Protocol

Stellar Lumens XLM tokenization protocol  

Our Core

What is TNCoin?

TNCoin is a Real Estate Investment platform built on top of the Stellar consensus protocol that allows for the tokenization of real estate assets and for ownership interests to be distributed in the form of digital shares. The smart contract protocol also allows for the automated distribution of dividends directly to each token.  

Up until now the biggest obstacle in both Real Estate and securitized Crypto investments has been liquidity. With our decentralized built-in exchange (DEX), investors will be able to trade their tokens with other accredited and foreign investors, using regulatory framework already in place. The smart contract will allow for verified accredited investors to exchange amongst themselves without oversight and in a self-regulating environment. Investors will also have the ability to hold their assets off the exchange and maintain total control.

Our company’s aim is all about creating a direct relationship between Real Estate Investors and Real Estate investment opportunities. We are champions for risk-adjusted returns as every investment is made up of a set of risks and rewards.  

Investors now have the opportunity to store and hold their digital investment in Stellar based wallets like Ledger.  We use digital assets to democratize access to real estate opportunities. This also allows for fractional liquidation and ease of exchange with other investors. The TNCoin platform will include both a desktop and mobile wallet with a friendly user interface. 

Our property token is unique and follows a standard that makes it very usable for other services that are built on the XLM Stellar consensus protocol. The advantage of TNcoin crypto asset is to provide more liquidity to investors in a currently illiquid Real Estate and SAFT sale market.

For investors with multiple cryptocurrency holdings, TNcoin will help stabilize their portfolio by providing a steady rate of return through rents while enjoying the capital appreciation of the Real Estate assets. TNCoin also offers safe havens for 1031 exchanges.

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Current Real Estate offering

The Real Estate Asset

TNcoin is offering for its initial phase a 68 unit fully renovated apartment building, located in downtown Nashville, TN consists of 5 buildings totaling 59,106 square feet. The total acquisition is 16 million dollars. The breakdown of units are as follows:

  • 10, 5-bedroom/2-bath units with an average of 1,531 Sq.ft.
  • 40, 2-bedroom/1-bath units with an average of 681 Sq.ft.
  • 18, 1-bedroom/1-bath units with an average of 573 Sq.ft.

Currently, the apartment building is 100% occupied.  The total annual rents are currently 1.3 million. This puts this investment at a 6% Cap rate.

Nashville is one of the Top 10 U.S. real estate markets with approximately 100 new people moving here daily due to affordability and growing industry. It’s cost of doing business being 88 percent of the national average and local growth in disposal incomes is projected to be 40 percent higher than the national average over the next five years.

Past performance is no indication of present performance and earnings are subject to market conditions. 

One of the key components of our offering is to offer investors a tokenized asset that can be stored and exchanged at a future date. Like all other cryptocurrencies this will allow for the portability and fungibility enjoyed by crypto enthusiast.

Potential Investment Option #2:

Another potential investment is a 42 unit residential portfolio in Chattanooga, TN. Management is looking to acquire the portfolio for 2 million dollars. This 42 unit well managed, the mixed portfolio is comprised of 30 single families, 3 duplexes, and 2 triplexes. All properties are within 2 miles of the vibrant downtown area. Many of the units have Gov’t subsidized and/or long-term tenants. The properties are all within a mile of each other and are in noticeably growing communities. Several of the homes have undergone extensive renovations limiting the maintenance costs throughout the duration of ownership.

Management has derived a strategy of selling off Residential units with financing options to create notes for a fixed rate of return while reducing the costs of insurance and property taxes. Management believes that this strategy will also help stabilize the token and create a slow and steady rate of return.

Chattanooga, TN is a marketplace undergoing much growth as a result of many Fortune 500 companies including VW, Amazon, Blue Cross Blue Shield migrating to the city in the past few years. The city is a transit hub which lies 120 miles northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, 120 miles southwest of Knoxville, Tennessee, 135 miles southeast of Nashville, Tennessee, 120 miles northeast of Huntsville, Alabama, and 148 miles northeast of Birmingham, Alabama.

Our Goal

Bringing Crypto and Real Estate investors together

TNcoin Platform has the ultimate goal of bringing investors tokenized cash flowing real estate to the modern investment portfolio, while providing the liquidity investors need. 

In the Future our platform will provide a lower barrier of entry for investors to participate in the Real Estate market in the United States under Regulation A+. TNcoin is backed by real estate and this is how its intrinsic value is derived. Management will conduct thorough evaluations (which includes location parameters and comparative valuation) and is carried out before any new property is added to our platform.

We involve real estate professionals, and we make sure every property goes through a process of selection, evaluation and approval process. The Herman Street property or similar investments shall be acquired using the proceeds from the initial coin offering, and the title document shall be held by a selected trust company.

Below are some of the functionalities/characteristics of our investing platform and company that we offer:

  • Due Diligence
  • Property Analysis and Reporting
  • Token creation and distribution
  • Blockchain Secured Records
  • Dividend payments
  • Selection and addition of properties
  • Fund Management
  • Deepening and Enhancement of Liquidity

Below are the benefits of TNcoin’s Model

  • It is global: Everyone can gain access to the global real estate market.
  • Versatility: your asset ownership tokens can be inherited, transferred or used as a collateral
  • It is secure: with our model, there is the proper and safe management of the properties to benefit the token holder’s investment
  • Affordability
  • Market liquidity
  • Diversification: one can divide his capital and invest in smaller pieces of multiple real estate assets
  • Reliability
  • Immutability
Our Team

Fund Managers

  • Luis A. Del Mazo, Jr.

    Luis has been inspired to bring The Tennessee Real...

    Luis A. Del Mazo, Jr.

    Luis has been inspired to bring The Tennessee Real Estate boom to International Real Estate investors. His concept is not a new or unique strategy of syndicating...

  • Tanya Rodriguez

    Experienced Commercial-Residential Realtor with a demonstrated...

    Tanya Rodriguez

    Experienced Commercial-Residential Realtor with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Sales, Buyer Representation,...


Management begins first draft of white paper
Management attends bitcoin conference and legal infrastructure begins to take shape.
Management attends 2nd IBREA conference and discovers next generation protocol
7/30/18 New Scheduled Phase 1 of ICO using Stellar protocol begins.
Management attends IBREA conference and seed stage begins
Management begins building tokenization infrastructure using ERC20 protocol.
Managment shuts down ERC20 offering and begins implementing Stellar protocol to bring investors the most advanced in tokenization technology.
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Token Sale Countdown

We are currently working on creating Stellar smart contracts. July 30th, 2018 is the target date for ICO. Please register below for email updates. Thank you!


Payment Methods

Start: July 30,2018, 12:00 AM (CST)
Hard cap: $50,000,000
Soft cap: $5,000,000
Token: TNcoin
Exchange rate: 1 dollar = 1 TNCoin
Project protocol: Stellar XLM
Token StructureEquity Allocation

Currently, management intends to use 80% of capital for investment acquisition, 10% to fund management and 10% for operating expenses and reserves.

Token holders will receive quarterly dividends through the smart contract protocol and are normally paid on a per-share basis,  based on the number of shares you own. Smart contracts also have a built-in self-auditing protocol. 

In an effort to Raise capital, management has decided to give a 30% bonus in equity shares to investors. What this means is that for every 100 TNCoins, an investor acquires a bonus of 30 additional equity tokens will be given.

30% Token Bonus will not be distributed until 10 million dollars soft cap goal is met. In the event the soft cap is not met, investment capital will be returned to investors as per token contract.

1 TNCoin = 1 dollar or 1 TNCoin = market rate for ETH or BTC

How to Buy Our Tokens

1.) Register above at the buy buttons we provide in order to get verified.

2.) TNCoin is using to verify its accredited investors in the United States.

3.) For our foreign investors, we will be using integrated API for KYC/AML compliance. Please be prepared to present the necessary documentation.

3.)  We are currently working on creating tokens with Stellar Lumens protocol, however, these tokens will be created over the next few weeks. We anticipate our sale going live again July 30th, 2018.

4.) You will be able to buy tokens on any Stellar Exchange! We Recommend Interstellar exchange due to its user-friendly interface and ease of use.

  • 80% Asset acquisition
  • 10% Management
  • 10% Reserve and Operating Expenses
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TNcoin, LLC

901 Woodland Sreet
Nashville, TN 37206


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